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Welcome! I'm Rosalma (Rosa) Zubizarreta-Ada. I’ve been in hibernation for the last few years, while finishing up my dissertation. And now, the next chapter.... refocusing on my coaching, teaching, and consulting practice.

You may have been following my work for a while, or you may have just landed here. In either case, I'm glad you're here! I look forward to reconnecting with you, or, to meeting you for the first time. You are always welcome to respond!

Going forward, I'll be sending out a handful of emails a month, on various aspects of the Listening Arts. You can pick and choose which topics you are interested in, below... and you can easily update your preferences at any time.

What I write about

Inner Listening: Personal development for professional growth. If listening is part of your work, whether as a leader, facilitator, consultant, or coach, I am here to celebrate, encourage you, and share gleanings from my own journey.

The Heart of Agile Deliberation: Co-creativity within organizations and networks. Empathic listening, working with differences as a contribution, and collaborative sense-making and re-design for sustainability 3.0.

Co-evolving Democracy: Agile deliberation and deep listening for collaborative governance. As a researcher, I learn directly from leading-edge practitioners world-wide; as a consultant, I share resources on democratic innovations.

Listening Across Differences. I love to learn about and celebrate great work, from Braver Angels’ bridge-building, to Deep Canvassing’s empathic activism, to Restorative Circles' conflict transformation, & more.

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